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Cipriani Profilati UK Ltd is a company of the italian group Cipriani Profilati

To trace the CIPRIANI family back to its origins, in the city of Rovereto, in Trentino region, we have to go back to the first years of 19th century.    The family committed itself to industrial production in several fields such as chemistry, engineering, food, printing and publishing.

In 1961, CIPRIANI started off the manufacturing of cold formed profiles for building industry, a brand new product at the time.   By the middle of 1970s the final decision: all the attention was focused on the production of metal systems for plasterboard and suspended ceilings.

Today, CIPRIANI PROFILATI is still a family-owned business company arrived at its fourth generation and yet it steadily maintains the market leadership in this field.   The whole production is carried out in the new factory situated in Rovereto (Italy) industrial area.

The factory stands on a 40.000 sqm area, of which 20.000 sqm are covered. The site has been built in a strategic position, at about 1 km from the A22 “Rovereto Sud” highway junction and close to the railway goods yard.

Through the continuous research and the development at the company’s own laboratories, unique production technology has been developed and is protected by several international patents, CIPRIANI has achieved quality and quantity standards of absolute excellence.

The company is made up of a team of professional engineers and business people who are ready to work proactively and positively in the market.

At home and abroad, CIPRIANI PROFILATI is known for quality, reliability and professionalism,our distribution network is helped by our high level of service.

Thanks to its corporate identity, CIPRIANI PROFILATI has gained the confidence of its customers and over time become an invaluable business partner.