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Quality Drywall Profiles

The company commitment to respect the high quality standards required by ISO 9001 certificated production cycle, and to satisfy both chemical and mechanical product features, starts from choice raw steel, rolls of galvanized steel that are technically called “coils”.

These coils usually arrive at the Italian ports of Marghera or Ravenna, stowed break bulk in the hold of special freight ships or container ships.

Galvanized coils of various types are supplied to CIPRIANI exclusively by the best Steel Mills of the world, previously inspected and selected by our technical and commercial staff according to precise directions.

Before proceeding to the proper cold forming process the coils, which can easily weigh reach 24 tons, are slit and rewound in strips with different widths depending on the kind of profiles that will be produced.

This operation is carried out by means of an automatic cutting machine called “slitter”.

The galvanized strips obtained from slitter, are processed by high technology full automated roll-forming machines and presses in order to create the end product trough shaped rollers.

The end product is cut in standard or customized lengths according to customer’s requirements and stored in the warehouse on pallet racks or directly in a specific area used to load trucks by means of bridge cranes and forklifts.

A wide assortment of accessories complete our range of products.

During the production cycle, all our products are automatically marked, packaged and labelled, optimising production times and allowing the operator to carry out continuous quality controls.

Thanks to its internal laboratory, in compliance with certification Standards, tests o are carried out on the incoming raw material for both chemical and mechanical properties alongside size and compatibility tests on the end product. This allows Cipriani Profilati to provide further evidence of its products quality.

The automated packaging systems allow us to facilitate the fast  shipping and dispatch of  orders.