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Drywall Profiles

The Cipriani product range includes all profiles and accessories for the construction of plasterboard metal systems.

The profiles are engineered to allow the construction of partition walls,ceilings and wall linings. The profiles are fire tested and certificated.

Cipriani Drywall Metal Systems are used for interior construction on both new and refurbishment projects. Our systems are used in residential, commercial, hospital, education and industrial market sectors.

In detail, they are used for:

• structures for ceilings and wall linings of any range;

• structures for both simple and multiple partitions in a wide range of heights;

• special structures for the creation of curved walls, partitions, ceilings as well as staircases, perimeter edge, variable corners and protected edges.

The combination of components allows us to achieve a wide range of solutions which can meet a range of different technical requirements.

Cipriani Drywall manufactures these profiles to a high standard profiles are packaged for ease of handling and to make safety a priority.

Cipriani metal profiles are individually ink marked showing the producer, the CE symbol, profile size features, lot number, manufacturing date, and other useful data to allow product traceability.

Cipriani company has an “In House” laboratory for material testing this guarantees to our customers that a high degree of quality, this will ensure that safety will be achieved.